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Anonymous said: OMG this week's challenge sounds A-MAZING!! I wanna request a got7/winner xover with Mark/Jinwoo commiserating over the woes of being the mat-hyungs. Prompt: It's hard being the mat-hyung when all the dongsaengs just think you're too cute and adorable to take seriously.


Warning: None

Words: 1k


Two of my biases in one fic? This is really perfect. Thank you for the awesome prompt anon <3 I hope you don’t mind that it’s just a drabble.

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this is cool. COOOOOLL!!!! LOVE THIS.

&#8230; Nah, they are not hold on grduge.

But planning a run away in case you make them angry.

Just.. in case. Just a warning.
Soooo for Dara future boyfriend. Don&#8217;t hurt uri Dara, or magnae Minzy will beat you up. 
Who must I warning?
I told you. Don&#8217;t you mess with CL, even you are water.
Because Bom will kill you, water.
Don&#8217;t worry Sam. You are oppa now, everybody love ya :)
Anonymous said: why do you like VIXX



I love them. Because I’m dumb.
And they are dumb.
I love pause button.

So if you want to be Taecyeon&#8217;s girlfriend or wife, study hard first.
He maybe ask about aljabar on your first date
and whispering you the periodic table on you first night.

who know. So, study hard.

FFGOBTS|Drabble|Hadiah Ulang Tahun


Main Cast : Kunpimook B (GOT7)
                   Jungkook, Jeon (BTS)

Genre : Comedy, Fanboy-ing
Type : Drabble

Para fanboy itu juga menakutkan. 

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keep that black hair. You look good :D