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Mark and His Talk

Trans: Fans asking Papa Tuan if she can marry Mark because she’s multi-lingual.

Papa Tuan: Incredible! Unfortunately Mark doesn’t like to talk! x

He doesn’t like to talk….

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It’s hard to believe that Hwa Sa is the youngest in Mamamoo. She looks so mature even when compared to the leader. We can add her to the list of maknaes that look like leaders.

Welcome to the ‘Magnae-Who-Doesn’t-Look-Like’ club, Wha Sa :)

I love Big Bang and 2NE1 and they’re music, but man I would never want to see them live. Who wants to see a performance where all the singers do was scream and shout and sing out of tune?

Well, even Seungri knew it.

I kinda ship CL with Seungho. Like…I don’t know why! Maybe because they’re both leaders? They’re both badasses?I DON’T KNOW! Maybe the fact that Seungho could handle all of that woman that is CL and vice versa?

Wow… I… Never thought it before…

If Suga was to cross dress and have that heavy eyeliner, he would just be CL #2

Nah, I told world!
Cute-cute overloaad :D